10 Pillars of our Mission

Subjects you will hear teaching on:

  • Divine Healing: How to receive and maintain your healing, and how to walk in divine health every day.
  • Baptism in the Holy Ghost: There is a baptism subsequent to being born again. The evidence of this baptism is the speaking in other tongues. Tongues are for both public and private edification.
  • The Three Dimensions of Man: Man is a triune being. He is a spirit, he has a soul, and he lives in an earthly body.
  • The Power of our Confession: Curses or blessings in our life are in the power of our tongue.
  • The Authority of the Believer: Every member of the body of Christ has authority over the powers of darkness through the name of Jesus.
  • Vision: Our vision is our destiny. Writing our vision down will help us stand through the storms in life until it comes to pass.
  • Love: The key to walking in the blessings of God is walking in love. Loving one another is a commandment of Jesus.
  • Victory in our Thought life: Learning to pull down strongholds in our thought life that are contrary to what God's Word says about us.
  • How to Have Wisdom: How to make wise decisions and choices.
  • A Daily Walk With the Lord: How to maintain a daily time of reading, meditating in God's Word and prayer.